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Waste Oil Maintenance Tips and Services to Work Through Winter

Your waste oil unit should be serviced every season to ensure that it continues to run efficiently and reliably.

A lot can happen in a year, and if your waste oil unit ran flawlessly last winter, why not keep it running that way this winter season? Waste Oil Buffalo, though A.G Roehrig and Son, offers service call to ensure that your storefront or office isn’t left unheated. This due diligence saves you in the long run, that I can promise you.

These waste oil units are strictly commercial-use, and differ from natural gas furnaces in the maintenance and wear and tear, reliability, and efficiency. Waste oil units run exclusively on waste oil, such as transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, diesel, and fuel oil as its a fuel source. These units then use compressed air to atomize the fuel into a spray pattern and then has an electrode to ignite it, using combustion air from the conditioned space.

Here are some general tips to keep your waste oil unit running this winter.

The furnace seen in the image above is one we’ve fitted in a local scrap yard, where we installed a  clean energy 250 unit that provides them with 250,000BTU worth of heat. We also supplied this business with a 1,000 Gallon double lined EPA approved storage tank to triple their volume of oil storage.

Find Out if Your Waste Oil Unit is Working up to Standard

There are a number of reasons that your waste oil unit, which can be a boiler or furnace, could be working better or why it may have stopped working… From the thermostat not being on or operating properly, a clogged oil filter, a blown circuit breaker or fuse, or issues with the chimney or exhaust.

Test your waste oil unit during lapses in cold weather to make sure it’s working up to standard.

Waste oil unit maintenance done by A.G Roehrig and Son will remove the ash build up, which is a by-product from burning oil, clean the oil filters, and verify correct operation so that your waste oil unit continues to work throughout the season.

Do You Need to get Your Unit Replaced?

Once you’ve tested your unit ability to heat your property, you’ll be able to tell if replacing the unit is going to be a possibility this season. The Waste Oil Buffalo team will come to your business to find the cause of your problems and work with you to find a solution.

If your waste oil unit must be replaced, the price range may vary quite a bit depending on the  amount of physical space you need to heat and the oil capacity you have to run the unit on. The waste oil units that we install are clean burn and clean energy. To find the best option for you, we always offer a free estimate, because there are so many variables, and we can tell you whether it’s better to repair or replace your existing unit.


Reasons Why Waste Oil Units May Need Service

As a rule of thumb, if your waste oil system isn’t running properly, the problem almost always relates back to wear and tear or a general lack of maintenance. Once a problem is detected, it’s important to call in a team of professionals to service your unit to avoid complicating the issue or allowing it to get worse. Some business owners try to repair their own units, but we always recommend working with a professional team to service your unit.

Water and Your Waste Oil Unit

One of issues our team is starting to see more and more of are waste oil units trying to “run” on things other than waste oil. A waste oil system’s #1 enemy is water.

Water getting into waste oil units, and then being run through the system, can happen if your storage tanks have water or antifreeze mixed into them, which may happen accidentally. Similarly, if the tank is sitting somewhere that condensation is forming, this could be the reason water is getting into the system.

Because water sinks when mixed with oil, this water is often the first thing that the unit tries to run when pulling more fuel. That’s where the problems start. By simply draining the water, or other liquid, out of your tank and retaining just the waste oil, this problem can be solved. In these situations, everything mechanical about the unit can be functioning at high levels, but if the unit is pumping water instead oil, it will need to be serviced.


If All Else Fails

If all else fails and you need to properly maintain your waste oil unit for the duration of winter, don’t worry, we provide 24 hour emergency repair service across WNY to restore your waste oil systems to proper working order.