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How Waste Oil Systems Differ from HVACs

One of the main questions that we get from our Western New York commercial customers is how waste oil systems differ from the traditional HVACs that we’re used to having in our homes. In today’s blog, we’re going to outline some of the key differences that exist between waste oil systems and HVACs.

Waste Oil Units are for Commercial Properties

Unlike HVACs, which can be installed on both commercial and private properties, waste oil units are exclusively available for commercial properties. Most often, customers who have waste oil units installed work within the auto industry as businesses need a steady supply of waste oil in order to power their unit.

If your business is not within an industry where your normal activities create waste oil, these units may still be an option for you as there are auxiliary businesses that sell waste oil for anyone to use with their units.

Waste Oil Units Can Use Multiple Types of Oil

While some HVAC systems will use electric or gas to power themselves and create heat for our customers, waste oil units only use waste oil to generate heat, as their name indicates. However, multiple types of oil can be used to power these units.

If water were to get into the tank through condensation, for example, your unit may have problems running smoothly as it is unable to generate energy from any source other than oil.

When it comes to the types of oil that these units need to function, you do have a few choices. This variety makes it easier for commercial businesses to meet the needs of their property and generate enough heat to keep everyone comfortable through our Western New York winters.

Fuel sources that business owners can use to operate their waste oil units include transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, diesel, and fuel oil.

Waste Oil Units Only Generate Heat

Unlike HVACs, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, waste oil units only generate heat.

These units work best in northern environments that generally have bigger heating needs to be fulfilled that air conditioning. In our area of Western New York, many commercial properties only need a heating system throughout the year and opt to let the naturally mild spring and summer seasons to regulate the temperatures inside their buildings.

For more information about waste oil units, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consult!